July 13th, 2008
XboX 360 Pro

XboX 360 for $299

XBox 360

Xbox 360 Pro Version is expected to cost approximately 299 dollars. This move will lop fifty us dollars off the price of the xbox console.

This tactical move has its advantages: As an effect XBox 360 is with only $50 more than the Nintendo Wii and 100 us dollars cheaper than 40GB version of PlayStation 3. This is a smart move from Microsoft making its console available for people in a different price range. As we can see from the past such moves usually will imply that other console manufacturers will also drop their price to compete.

We’ll see.. Expect lower prices in the gaming console world

March 24th, 2008
Hottest Multi player Game

Hottest Multi player Game in Russia is DWar. I recently stumbled on this amazing online multiplayer strategy game.

Here is a screenshot:

DWar Multiplayer Game

March 23rd, 2008

If you want to get the latest games you might sign up for a game newsletter like the one from ArcaMax, GameSpot or some other sites. This will ensure you will get by mail news and links regarding the most recent games. You will be able to play a demo game of some of the hottest games around.

Sometimes a game demo is launched way before the full version. A demonstrative version of a game is smaller in size and it is free. You can either download it from the producer website or you can get it from game collectors websites or game fans. It is a great ideea to try game demos first and then buy the full game if you like it.

I was browsing blogspot for blogs on games and blogs on demonstrative games for some good reviews on the latest demos from 2008 and I found the following demo sites from TopHumor:

Game Demos
Demo Games

however if you like to play them without a download then play online games at multimedia games or md games how it is called.

March 15th, 2008
Tetris 5000


The EleFun Multimedia Company has released Tetris 5000 - a remake of the most famous game in the world Tetris. The game has many advantages and is really worth playing. It has perfect and fascinating gameplay of a classical Tetris, as well as many other unique features. Millions of Tetris fans will experience well known feelings, which will be added to the delight from new features and know-how of Tetris 5000. Tetris 5000 broadens gameplay of a classical Tetris. Frames of a game field of this game became interactive and now they are moving from side to side. Bonuses of Tetris 5000 make the game original. For example, bonus ‘rubber bomb’. It appears suddenly, and its damage radius is great. Sometimes a huge irregular-shaped figure appears in the game. Try to put it in such a way not to lose the round! Visualization in Tetris 5000 is worth to be highly estimated. The game is full of different colours and hues. They possess positive energy and do not make disharmony. Destruction of the whole rows in Tetris 5000 is animated in detail. Two caudate comets are fluttering along the edges of the game field. The moment you put together the whole row or several rows, the comets rush into the game field and whole rows disappear in blazing enchanting flashes. The main peculiarities of Tetris 5000 are animated themes, which play a role of a game background. These themes are made on the basis of animated screensavers of the EleFun Multimedia Company. You will be able to choose the background of Tetris 5000 and have new and unforgettable impressions at each run of the game.

Download Link

Other Tetris games:
Tetris online
Ultimate Tetrix
Tetrix 2 - a nice tetris game

More games

March 15th, 2008
PlayStation 3

Since PlayStation 3 is out there and several models are on the market , I wanted to present a basic compatibility list with older games that you might have for PlayStation1 and PlayStation2.

The backwards compatibility support of the system:

the 60GB/20GB US version of the PlayStation qualifies as Full compatibility with older PS1 and PS2 games

the 60GB (europe) 80GB (America)  models have software emulation (not bad, but not perfect either)

40GB (all) models don’t have PS2 emulation, but have PS1 backward compatibility

all future models will be the same as this 40 GB model

Now if you own a PlayStation 3 and maybe even have the older PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 from Sony you might ask yourself whatever could be the difference between the hardware implementation that allows you to run older games or the software one.

The PlayStation 3 that has hardware emulation (EMOTION chip)  would run games almost as its predecessor . This is good since you won’t feel any difference. When software implementation comes things generally work but you will see the difference. Also there are some games reported not to work on software version.

Conclusion : If you don’t already have the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) but plan to buy one then take this facts into consideration and choose the right PlayStation 3.