June 15th, 2008
Creating a Vista Gadget

creating vista gadgets
Want to learn each and every aspect of designing and developing gadgets for the Microsoft Windows Vista Sidebar?

These gadgets are perfect for anyone and you can learn how to make killer gadgets in a snap. Explore one of the super cool features new to Windows Vista — the Sidebar.

The book presented here will teach everything there is to know on designing and developing Sidebar gadgets. The Windows Vista Sidebar is a panel located on the desktop of a PC where gadgets can be placed for easy access and reference. These gadgets are small, single or multi purpose software applications, such as clocks, calendars, games, RSS readers or even mini search tools.

They all reside on the Windows desktop and on the Windows Sidebar which is by default located in the extreme left of the Vista user desktop. The book will be a tutorial to design and develop a gadget. It will provide ready-to-use samples using .NET, XML, CSS and AJAX. After reading this book, you as a web developer/designer will be confident to start developing gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar having already all you need at your disposal.

This book starts with a for beginners section where you’ll be walked through an overview of the subject with the design pattern, the architecture and implementation details. After this detailed introduction you are provided with solid examples for instant results.

In short:

The book will tell how to do everything with Sidebar Gadgets using solid, unique examples. Brief outline: ” Brief background on Gadgets ” Step by step, create a useful Gadget sample “My Blogs” Elaborate the architecture design constraint and implementation details for the sample and Detail the standard practices

The Book: SAMS - Creating Vista Gadgets

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