March 15th, 2008
PlayStation 3

Since PlayStation 3 is out there and several models are on the market , I wanted to present a basic compatibility list with older games that you might have for PlayStation1 and PlayStation2.

The backwards compatibility support of the system:

the 60GB/20GB US version of the PlayStation qualifies as Full compatibility with older PS1 and PS2 games

the 60GB (europe) 80GB (America)  models have software emulation (not bad, but not perfect either)

40GB (all) models don’t have PS2 emulation, but have PS1 backward compatibility

all future models will be the same as this 40 GB model

Now if you own a PlayStation 3 and maybe even have the older PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 from Sony you might ask yourself whatever could be the difference between the hardware implementation that allows you to run older games or the software one.

The PlayStation 3 that has hardware emulation (EMOTION chip)  would run games almost as its predecessor . This is good since you won’t feel any difference. When software implementation comes things generally work but you will see the difference. Also there are some games reported not to work on software version.

Conclusion : If you don’t already have the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) but plan to buy one then take this facts into consideration and choose the right PlayStation 3.

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