June 14th, 2008
Label your Movies

Blank DVDs
DVDs with labels

Why label a dvd ?

  • to personalize it and make it as you want it to look
  • to print important information on the dvd label
  • for better storage so you can easily find your favorite dvd
  • any reason will do

DVD Labeling Software

A DVD Labeling software is what we need for this job. It will provide nice templates with the exact standard sizes of a dvd or dvd case so that all we have to do is to add our favorite image and text on that template and never have to worry about the result being the right size.

A list with recommended dvd labeling software:

Choose your favorite software from the list above. You can use other software but the above also support LightScribe Direct-to-Disc Labeling.

LightScribe is HP’s newest media technology for labeling discs, called “Direct Disc Labeling”
This exciting technology uses your LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD drive to create silkscreen quality, iridescent labels burned directly to the disc surface

Besides LightScribe-ing a disc you can print a label on a special paper that you can cut and apply the label on top of a no name dvd, or you can print a label on a normal sheet of paper, cut it the right size and use a special dvd labeling kit like the one below:
DVD Labeling kit

Start your favorite dvd labeling software and make a cover by inserting images, writing text or by choosing from a large collection of pre-made labels. Print it according to the case cut it to the right size and apply the label on a blank no name dvd.

Labeling a Movie DVD

Labeling a movie isn’t much different from labeling a dvd but you should keep in mind that using a specific format when labeling a dvd is recommended. You should always label the name of the movie , the year it was made in, some screen shots resized and the producer of the movie. This will help you a great deal in organizing your movie collection.

Movie Label Making Software

The advantage of using a Movie Label software is that it will provide some great templates for movie labels. Also such a software has an impressive collection of background images that will go well with your home made movie.

Do you have a lot of movies and you don’t know how to catalog them? Or when you want to watch a movie you don’t know it’s rating… or if you will like that movie at all… in that case a Movie Label software can help you.

Recommended software:
Movie Label 2009
DVD Labeler Deluxe from SureThing

Let’s focus on Movie Label 2009

It Features:

  • Professional yet easy-to-use software for your movie collection (DVD, VHS, Blu-ray, HD DVD, etc).
  • Automatically download all data about your movies and TV-series from the Internet (including cover art and trailers).

A preview with how your movie collection could look like:
Movie labels

This was a quick and basic guide on how to label a dvd. I hope I got you started on this dvd label making frenzy.

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