February 26th, 2008
XBox 360 HD DVD

Microsoft recently decided to stop the making of HD DVD add-on for its Xbox 360 games console after the news that Toshiba finally abandoned the high definition DVD format. Toshiba estimated last week that about 300,000 of the add-ons had been sold. Microsoft was one of the key backers for the HD DVD format (since many dropped from this race and supported the other format: Blu-ray) , competing with Blu-ray, which was the format available in Sony’s rival PlayStation 3 console. Microsoft said it would continue to provide warranty support for the $130 (£115 in the UK) HD DVD add-on.


Last week, Toshiba said it would stop production of HD DVD players and recorders after major film studios decided to back Sony’s Blu-ray format instead (this was the final blow after a huge struggle to keep the HD-DVD format alive). Toshiba said the tipping point came last month when Warner Brothers decided to release its movies only in Blu-ray. The Xbox add-ons sold represented 30% of the one million HD DVD devices that were sold worldwide. That compares unfavorably with the 10.5 million PS3s sold by Sony, which come with a built-in Blu-ray drive.

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