July 7th, 2008
Text to Speech

Ever wondered if you can let the pc read things for you? Well most of you already know this since even windows comes with the Accessibility tool called narrator. But let’s go with the text to speech notion even further.

Why not transform an entire ebook into speech and upload it as mp3 on your music player. You can listen it on your ipod or mini mp3 player virtually anywhere. It’s amazing. converts text to direct speech, to MP3 or to wave file. Some software listed below:


No software needed. Just enter your text on this webpage and get the mp3 for it. Cool


Text to Speech - Alive Text to Speech

Convert text files [and audiobooks using third party software] to mp3, ogg, wav



uses voice synthesis to convert text into spoken audio. Listen on your PC or create MP3 or WMA files for use on portable devices like iPods, PocketPCs, and CD players.

  • Directly open Word, PDF, and HTML files. Automatic iTunes/Ipod syncing.
  • Advanced Pronunciation Tools
  • Toolbar plug-ins for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Outlook
  • Optional premium voices for a wide variety of accents and languages
  • TextAloud is for Windows and Mac Users


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